Work Preservation Fund, Inc.

Monitoring Painting, Taping, Glazing, Floor Covering and Allied Trades on Public Works Projects throughout northern California

A nonprofit labor/management cooperative venture insuring fair competition through contract compliance since 1977

About Us

The Work Preservation Fund (WPF), a labor-management cooperative joint venture, formed pursuant to 29 USC § 175a, was established in 1977 and was the first of its kind in monitoring public works compliance in California.  WPF was the first nongovernmental organization in California to provide evidence and assist in prosecuting apprenticeship violations resulting in the debarment of contractors violating these laws—thus barring them from performing on future state and local public works projects.

Work Preservation Fund’s purpose is to preserve high standards of workmanship and fair competition through contract compliance within the Painting, Taping, Glazing, Floor Covering and Allied Crafts Industries.

To accomplish these goals, the Work Preservation Fund carries out an active program of monitoring and investigation to assure that state and federal laws governing public works construction are enforced.

Vigilant prosecution of these laws allows contractors to bid competitively on federal, state and local public works projects.  Enhancement of  bidding opportunities means: (1) increased jobs in public construction for skilled Painters, Drywall Tapers, Glaziers, Floor Coverers and Allied Craft workers; (2) greater compliance with the laws governing wages, hours and working conditions in public works construction; (3) more responsible contractors bidding and performing public construction jobs; and (4) higher quality product for each tax dollar.

The Work Preservation Fund strives to assure that competition for public construction contracts does not undermine prevailing wages and benefits which exist in the local area.  The Work Preservation Fund is governed by a Board of Directors—which sets policy implemented by the Fund’s Director.  The Board is comprised of representatives from labor and management.