Work Preservation Fund, Inc.

Monitoring Painting, Taping, Glazing, Floor Covering and Allied Trades on Public Works Projects throughout northern California


A nonprofit labor/management cooperative venture insuring fair competition through contract compliance since 1977


The correct prevailing wage for the project you are working on is determined by the date the Request for Bids was advertised by the awarding agency. To find your prevailing wage, go to the prevailing wage sheet that corresponds to the bid advertising date at:

When viewing the prevailing wage sheet, the minimum amount that should come on your paycheck is the amount listed under the “Basic Hourly Rate” column for your trade. If your employer is not deducting monies for benefits, then the minimum amount on your check should be the amount listed in the total hourly rate column of the prevailing wage sheet – minus the training fee amount.

If you are a painter, taper, floor coverer, glazier or another allied trade, and you believe you have not been paid correctly and would like to file a complaint for lost or unpaid wages, you can file directly with the state of California here:

Or, if you are one of the trades listed above and you believe yourself and/or others on the project are not being paid correctly – or being cheated out of benefits, travel pay – or working in unsafe conditions, and would like Work Preservation Fund’s assistance, please contact us! You can contact us at (925) 724-2333, or please fill out this form with as much information as possible and submit it to us:

Work Preservation Fund is happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have when working as a painter, drywall taper, glazier, floor coverer or allied trade on a public works project in California!