Work Preservation Fund, Inc.

Monitoring Painting, Taping, Glazing, Floor Covering and Allied Trades on Public Works Projects throughout northern California

A nonprofit labor/management cooperative venture insuring fair competition through contract compliance since 1977

WPF Services

The Work Preservation Fund is dedicated to promoting fair competition through public contract compliance.  The WPF acts as a watchdog on public agency contracts by carrying out an active program of monitoring and investigation to assure that laws governing public works construction are enforced by the appropriate public agencies.  Specifically, the WPF:

  1. Reviews agency compliance with public contracting laws governing bidding, award and performance of public works projects.
  2. Initiates legal action against public awarding agencies when administrative remedies are unavailable/ineffective.
  3. Monitors contractor compliance with prevailing wage, license and apprenticeship laws on public works contracts.
  4. Investigates violations of public works laws by requesting contract documents, obtaining and reviewing Certified Payroll Records, gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses.
  5. Files complaints with the appropriate government agencies to remedy violations.
  6. Recovers work for signatory contractors by reviewing contract documents and specifications, bid results, verifying the apparent low bidder’s references, license and bonding for evidence of non-responsiveness to contract specifications or non-responsibility as shown by low bidder’s history of past violations or poor performance.
  7. Provides general contractors bidding on public works projects with information about prospective subcontractors who have a history of past violations, poor quality of work or other performance problems in order to expand opportunities for signatory contractors as subcontractors.
  8. Supports legislation that strengthens public works contracting law.
  9. Participates in an exchange of information with other public contract compliance organizations.